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Ken MacPherson
Engineer - Volunteer - Farmer - Politician
MacPherson For Mayor



Extensive practical technical experience and results-oriented technical lead as Senior Architect-Developer, Ken MacPherson has demonstrated a track record of hands on end-to-end delivery of Internet Web n-tier technology inclusive of coding, requirements gathering, system selection, implementation, support, strategy, policy, and inspiring personnel, all of this conducted in variety of industries and situations. A unique ability to bridge the chasm between everyday people's needs and the intense complexities of information technology.

The measurement of life is about what is put into it, not taken from it. Blessings come in many forms, some of us wish to share those blessings with others without any expectations in return. In work, life, and love, it is about doing what has to be done.

Investments are measured quantitatively using math as a Return On Investment (ROI). Evaluating good investments is based on people, process,and products whilst taking into consideration mega-trends.

Adam Smith said in his book the Wealth of Nations that farmers are biologist, businessmen, accountants, and laborers, literally the hardest job on the planet. It's also the most rewarding. The worst day on the farm is still better than the best day in a cube.

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